The response since last week's beta launch has been wonderfully vibrant, and watching the spread of landlords trying out Cozy has been exciting to say the least. We've heard from so many landlords, and your stories are confirming that we're currently focused on the right things. I can't thank you enough for taking the time to tell us your stories and situations, and for giving us meaningful product feedback and ideas for the future. We still have huge problems to solve; we're just getting started. But we're now working directly with people that we don't personally know, and for everyone at Cozy, that's huge.

We've been inviting batches of new customers everyday, and will continue to do so as we scale the system and test new features. If you've signed up for an invite recently, we're doing our best to bring you in as quickly as possible. For those of you already using the product, you've seen product evolution already over the past week. You can expect that to never stop. We want to continue working with you to build the best products possible. We also want to understand how you're most comfortable receiving customer service; we'll build Cozy to support what works best.
On a different note, we love data analytics and visualization. We aren't ready to publish much data yet, but I do want to leave you with a few stats from our first week:

  • # of States where Cozy is in use: 26
  • # of Cities where Cozy is in use: 65
  • Best feature request to date: "Can Cozy break my tenants' thumbs to send a message to pay their rent?"

We probably will never fulfill that product request, but we're looking forward to soon being in every state in America.

A reminder: we're available in all 50 states, so there's no time like right now to sign up for your beta invite.