As of today, 100,000 people have signed up to use Cozy. It was exciting to wake up and see this graph on our Periscope dashboard:

Periscope Dashboard

It’s a nice, round milestone, and as of the time I’m writing this, we now have over 36,000 property management companies and independent rental owners using Cozy to run their rental businesses in 8,074 ZIP codes in 4,662 cities across America. That’s basically everywhere.

##It hasn’t been easy The first time I met Jason Calacanis to show him the Cozy alpha product, he told me, “Your first 1,000 customers will be as hard as your first 10,000, will be as hard as your first 100,000.” Because we both knew that our initial target audience (independent rental owners) was a fragmented bunch that historically have been hard to get in front of, we recognized that challenge, and have made great strides to overcome it with clever, inexpensive customer acquisition, impeccable customer support, and a constantly evolving product that is ever more tailored and polished. We still have a long way to go.

##New to us: The Professionals Our independent rental owners and residents marketplace continues to grow, and perhaps most exciting is that every week we’re seeing more and more professional property managers (a new audience to us!) signing up to use Cozy to manage larger and larger rental portfolios. A quickly growing number of our customers manage hundreds of units, and that’s a big evolution for Cozy, and how we think about our roadmap.

##What’s next? Our customer base has grown nearly 400% this year. Our payment volume has grown over 5,000%. It feels good for the team to be able to take a second and reflect on these milestones, but we’re all aware that we’re really just getting started, and the biggest opportunities lie ahead. We’ll continue to serve the awesome people that have gotten us this far, but we have a lot in store for the Pros, and residents as well. Everyone that uses Cozy is our customer. There are so many exciting announcements and launches around the corner!

Thanks for joining us on this ride so far. Now, let’s get this thing to 1,000,000.

Invite a property manager or landlord. (And remind them Cozy is free!)