Introducing Cozy Express Payouts

Written on April 27, 2016 by Lucy Burningham

We know many of you have been frustrated with the processing time for ACH payments, a lag caused in part by outdated banking technologies. We were frustrated, too. So we built a solution.

We’re excited to announce a new Cozy feature called Express Payouts that lets landlords and property managers get ACH payments in about half the time of normal ACH payments—3 business days. So if your tenant pays Monday before 2 p.m. (PT), it will be in your account Wednesday.

Here’s how Cozy Express Payouts works:

  • $2.99 for unlimited transactions per unit, per month
  • Activate Express Payouts for some or all of your units
  • No limit on rent amounts
  • If your tenant pays with a card (a 2.75% fee for tenants) instead of ACH (free for tenants), we won’t charge you for Express Payouts.

That’s it! Nothing about collecting payments through Cozy is changing. Managers can still collect rent for free. Express Payouts is an optional paid feature that moves your cash flow forward each month.

Start using Express Payouts now.

Or, if you haven’t signed up with Cozy yet, get started here.

Express Payouts

Also new! Landlords and managers can customize their email preferences. Lighten the inbox load or continue to receive all updates about payments, renter setup, applications, leases, and screening reports.

We’re improving Cozy all the time, and we couldn’t do it without hearing from our customers! Is there anything you think would make Cozy better? Let us know at

Cozy: The Intuit PaymentNetwork Alternative

Written on April 20, 2016 by Jonathan Kuipers

Intuit PaymentNetwork Closed

We’d like to welcome some of our newest Cozy customers: former Intuit PaymentNetwork (IPN) users. Intuit PaymentNetwork announced that they’re shutting down and they’re asking users to move to QuickBooks, a more expensive service that doesn’t offer the same functionality as Cozy. We’re thrilled so many landlords and property managers have found us instead. Welcome.

If you haven’t decided whether or not to make the switch to Cozy, or if you’re curious about what Cozy offers, read on. Not only do we think you’ll like Cozy, we think you’ll discover that we’re much more than just an alternative to Intuit PaymentNetwork.

Built for Landlords

We created Cozy to improve the lives of independent landlords and property managers. We design everything we build based on input from our customers, and we’re focused on serving them with the best possible tools.

Outstanding Support

Our support team is made up of real people here in Portland, Oregon, and they’re happy to answer all your questions. They’re dedicated to helping you as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours.

Free for Landlords

We know independent landlords and property managers operate on tight margins. That’s why Cozy’s core services are free. Tenants pay for credit reports and background checks, and they pay a fee for online rent payments when using a debit or credit card (paying with a bank account is free). But all our services for landlords are free.

If you’re ready to make the move to Cozy and haven’t already, sign up here. We’re excited to have you join us.

The Newest Member of Team Cozy: Lucy Burningham

Written on April 14, 2016 by Gino Zahnd

Hey-o! I’m happy to introduce Lucy Burningham as the newest member of Team Cozy. After working with us for the past six weeks or so, she has now joined us as our Editorial Director, and she will be owning and guiding the editorial tone, vision, and practice at Cozy. If it has words, chances are Lucy’s fingerprints will be on it.

Before Cozy, Lucy has built an amazing career as a freelance writer and author. She has written for Sunset, Imbibe, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Bicycling, Saveur, and the BBC, to name a few.

She’s also authored two books, one of which is a permanent fixture on my coffee table at home: Hop in the Saddle. It’s a guide to Portland’s craft beer scene, by bike; a match made in heaven.

Her newest book will be published later this year, as well as a refreshed, new edition of Hop in the Saddle.

We’re happy to have Lucy on board, and we’re excited to work with her to continue evolving Cozy’s editorial efforts. Many big things on the way!

She’s @lucyburningham on Twitter. Say hi!


The Newest Members of Team Cozy

Written on March 31, 2016 by Katie Harlow

We’re super excited to announce three new team members!


We have Maggie Cooper joining us as our first Customer Success Manager. She’ll be focusing on new customer on-boarding and helping our customers get the most out of Cozy! Before joining us, Maggie helped build SurveyMonkey’s Customer Success team, and has a breadth of experience working with SaaS products. Maggie is an Oregon native who considers herself a breakfast burrito and puzzle enthusiast. She hasn’t commented yet on whether she partakes in both at once.


Holly Hampton is also joining us as the newest member of our support team. Holly joins us from AppFolio in Dallas, though she originally hails from Philadelphia. Her favorite things include hiking, writing, long runs, iced coffee, and pine trees, so we think she’ll fit right in in the Pacific Northwest.


Jonathan Kuipers also joins us to lead our growth marketing efforts. He comes to us from Jama, where he helped establish and expand the growth team as one its first two members. Born and raised in Canada, Jonathan moved south to Michigan for college and then ventured west to his current home in Portland. He loves the outdoors and spending a lot of time on his bike as a competitive Cyclo-cross racer.

We’ve Partnered with the Apartment Association of New Mexico

Written on March 30, 2016 by Lucas Hall

Apartment Association of New Mexico

Earlier this year, we announced our partnership with the National Association of Realtors and Move, a tremendous show of industry trust. Now we’re excited to let you know that we’ve partnered with the Apartment Association of New Mexico (AANM) to bring Cozy’s rent collection and screening tools to all its members.

As our first rental housing association partner, the AANM represents an important moment for us. It’s the first of many similar partnership we’re building nationwide.

The AANM serves about 725 individuals and companies, which own or manage more than 53,000 rental properties in New Mexico. Like most landlords around the country, the property managers of New Mexico still regularly deal with late rent, paper checks, and tenants who slip through the screening process. Cozy will help them avoid these pitfalls, by providing them with the tools they need to be successful.

During the next few months, we’ll be hosting a series of educational workshops exclusively for AANM members to help them learn practices that will lead to happier tenants and greater profits.

No matter where you own properties in the U.S., you can use Cozy for free.

And if you’re part of an apartment association, we’d love to talk to you about partnering with Cozy.

A new way to receive rent: your debit card

Written on March 21, 2016 by Lucy Burningham

We know it can be a pain to dig up bank account and routing numbers. It’s easier than ever to start using Cozy for free, automatic rent collection. Now you can add your debit card to Cozy, and we’ll automatically deposit your rent into your checking account every month.

If you’re already set up and collecting rent with us, you don’t need to do anything—we’re just making it easier to get started. In the coming months, we’ll be introducing additional payment options for everyone. Stay tuned!

If you haven’t started using Cozy to collect your rent yet, it’s free and takes just a few minutes to set up.

The Newest Member of Team Cozy: Kayla Warfield

Written on February 24, 2016 by Katie Harlow

We’d like to welcome Kayla Warfield as the newest member of Team Cozy! Kayla, an Oregon native, joins our support team after a stint as a Global Startup Battle finalist. On top of a degree in Molecular Biology, she boasts a 3.5 legged bionic dog and the unique ability to complete the Times crossword puzzle in pen.

She’s here to help with all things Cozy, so if you reach out to our support team there’s a good chance you’ll end up working with Kayla. We love working with her and think you will too!


A New Way to Market All of Your Rentals

Written on February 17, 2016 by Dave Handlong

If you’re using Cozy to market your available rentals, each one already has its own beautifully designed listings ad with photos, amenities, and all the other essential information for that specific unit. But what if you own more than one vacant unit? Now they all have a home, on your new listings gallery.

Already a customer and ready to get started? Claim your custom listings gallery.

Market Your Rental Listings

All of your available units in one place

Now there’s one page to highlight all of your vacant rentals, designed to put your best foot forward on any device.

Always up-to-date

Never worry about outdated listings again. Any active listing will automatically show up here, and hide when you deactivate them.

Market your rentals everywhere

Choose a custom URL that matches your brand, then post links to your listings gallery on your website, Facebook, and Twitter. We’ve even seen some property managers buy a domain name and use their listings gallery as their main website.

Don’t have any vacant properties? That’s ok! You can still claim your custom URL before it gets taken.

If you’re already using Cozy to manage your properties, it takes just a few seconds to activate your custom listings gallery.

And if you haven’t started using Cozy yet, it’s easier than ever to manage all of your properties, for free!

This Post was Published via Bicycle

Written on January 26, 2016 by Matt Greensmith

Our CEO Gino has been getting tired of asking developers to publish his blog posts for him, so we decided that we should build a way for him to publish them himself. Cozy has always been a bicycle-focused company - Gino has a long history of bike racing, his wife Starla is a professional racer, and we regularly have a dozen or more bicycles in the Cozy office.

Last month, on the last day before we left the office for the holidays, the engineering team at Cozy held our first Hack Day. The Hack Day was intended to be an opportunity for our team to put aside our everyday work for a day and collaborate on a quick, fun project. We thought it would be fitting to make a bicycle-powered website publishing tool. And so the Velopsipede was born!

Riding the Velopsipede

This website and blog is the public face of Cozy, and we want it to always be online and looking great. So when we want to make changes such as a new page or blog post, we first publish those changes to a private, internal version of this website. It’s really simple for anyone in the company to add a new blog post or edit existing content - even our CEO Gino makes regular site updates. After someone makes a change, we review it on our private version of the site, and then a developer performs a little technical magic and publishes the changes to the public-facing website that you’re reading right now.

The goal of the Velopsipede is to enable anyone to take content from our internal version of this site and publish it to the public site without having to do any technical/engineering magic.

Gino loaned us a bicycle and a training stand, and we brought our personal electronics and tool collections to the office. A brainstorming session ensued: how best to connect a bicycle to a computer? We investigated a few options and took a field trip to our local electronics store to see what solutions we could find. We decided to try a magnetic proximity switch, like the ones used by alarm systems to detect when doors and windows open. A magnet attached to a wheel spoke passes by a switch attached to the bike frame, and we can count wheel revolutions.


Our team divided and conquered - we wrote code to track a bicycle ride, to publish this marketing site, to take and upload pictures with a webcam, and to interface with connected lights and the wheel sensor. We broke out the soldering iron and modified some blinky lights so that they could be connected to a Raspberry Pi computer. After a full day of building, testing and debugging, we made some edits to the blog, hopped on the bike for a ride, and watched a successful deploy of our website!

A rider can choose a ride of varying length from 1/10th of a km, through 10km (aka Gino distance) all the way up to 100km (aka Starla distance). A progress bar and some blinky lights encourage them during their ride. If they complete the ride, the computer will publish the content from our internal website to the public website. A camera snaps a picture of the rider after their ride, and we post that picture and a summary of their changes to our company Slack.
Now that we have the Velopsipede, anyone can publish their own content to the public version of this website, without having to ask a developer to do anything. We met our goal of solving a business problem, and with an added bonus of encouraging the best kind of exercise - a fine bike ride!

We’ve open-sourced the code behind the Velopsipede, check it out!

We’ve Teamed Up With and Doorsteps to Make Marketing and Tenant Screening Easier Than Ever

Written on December 16, 2015 by Gino Zahnd

Great news! It’s now possible to publish your Cozy listings to and Doorsteps, as well as receive a full rental application, credit report, and background check from every applicant – all with a single click (or tap!).

As easy as a single checkbox. Like this:

Syndicate Your Listings

##A quantum leap in the value of a listing
Built on the Cozy Screening Platform, this new integration is much more than just providing a significant amount of new prospective tenant leads for property managers and landlords (46 million people use and Doorsteps each month!); what really matters is the end-to-end quality. For the first time, customers have the opportunity to receive all the information necessary to make an informed decision about selecting a tenant in a single report, straight from the listing.

And the only work you have to do is select a checkbox. BOOM.

##It’s great for tenants, too
Tenants have the confidence that their information is secure and the listings have been through our content assurance protocols – identity protection, privacy and security is baked into the foundation of everything we do. This level of collaboration can only happen with trustworthy information from both tenants and property managers – it’s a huge leap in the quality of the experience for everyone.

Sample Cozy Credit Report

Sample Cozy Credit Report

##A continuation of our mission
Teaming up with and Doorsteps is our next big step in delivering peace of mind to property managers, landlords, and renters everywhere. We want to transform you into a property manager who works less, makes smarter decisions, and has more time to focus on life.
##Trust is everything
Cozy is committed to earning the trust of every customer who uses our service, and everyone considering us. As a startup (we were founded in March 2012), this new relationship with Move, Inc. (the parent company of and Doorsteps), as well as the National Association of Realtors is a vote of confidence for us, and one we don’t take lightly. We’re proud to be in this position, and we’re excited to help you as you get started with Cozy.

##Already a Cozy customer? See it in action
To check out how easy it is to syndicate to and Doorsteps, just go to the Status tab on any of your listings.

Syndicate Your Listings

Note: Full applications from listings syndicated to Doorsteps are available now, and will be available on listings syndicated to in the coming weeks.

##Get started with Cozy
Cozy is 100% free for property managers and landlords, so sign up today. We’re here to help you get up and running quickly.