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Faster Payments by Credit and Debit Cards Now Available

Written on November 24, 2015 by Chris Rivard

Are you a renter who uses Cozy, or wishes you did? Well, we have some great news for you: now you can pay your rent with a debit or credit card. Invite your landlord today so you can.

Payments by credit or debit cards will deposit to your landlord’s bank account within 1-2 business days, compared with 5 business days for ACH bank transfers. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and JCB cards are accepted.

pay rent credit card mobile

Renters can switch all their recurring rent payments over to their cards, or continue paying monthly rent from a bank account and use their card only when they need to make a one-time payment ASAP.

pay rent credit card debit card

It’s still completely free for landlords to accept payments by any method, and tenants who pay by credit or debit card will pay a small transaction fee (2.75% per transaction).

If you're a landlord looking to offer more flexible payment options to your tenants, sign up today to collect rent online for free.

Realtors: Take the Mystery Out of Managing Rentals. Your Clients Will Thank You.

Written on November 19, 2015 by Joe Mudnich

We’re launching a new partner program for real estate brokers and agents: free resources you can provide to your clients who manage — or might want to manage — their own rental properties. With Cozy, it’s never been easier.

If you help your clients stay on top of their current rental properties, they’ll be more likely to call you when thinking about growing their real estate portfolio.

Sign up for free as a Cozy partner today and we’ll work with you to produce free, co-branded marketing materials, including a landing page for your brokerage or agency, to help you strengthen your connection with your clients.

We’ll provide you with practical resources to share with clients to help them master every step of the rental lifecycle, from marketing and applicant screening to tenant onboarding and rent collection. Access free monthly content for your newsletter, with informative tips about real estate investing and smart property management.

And best of all, your clients will have access to Cozy’s free online services for marketing their rentals, screening applicants and collecting rent, along with a dedicated channel for expedited support requests.

Sign up as a Cozy partner (it’s free).

New Mobile Cozy Lets You Manage and Market Your Properties Like a Pro, From Anywhere

Written on November 12, 2015 by Chris Rivard

We’ve been rebuilding Cozy from the ground up to work even better for landlords and property managers. With our latest release, we’re thrilled to introduce some new features and long-awaited improvements.

The old dashboard has been replaced with a new, 100% mobile-friendly interface so you can now manage all aspects of your Cozy account from any mobile device with an Internet connection. It’s about time, and we couldn’t be happier about it!

Easier Property Creation

We’ve also simplified the steps for adding a property, so you can get right to business. From the new dashboard, just type the address, upload an optional photo, and then right away you’re ready to request payments from current or incoming renters, or to create a listing.

rental property online

Expanded Listings Page

The Cozy Apply link has been transformed into a complete property listing, making it a powerful marketing tool for attracting more high-quality applicants. Now you can give your property a name — not just a number — describe it in detail, and showcase it with a photo gallery. List all the amenities, set your pet policy and your screening requirements. Once you activate your listing, you can share the Apply link everywhere you advertise your available rentals. Listings let you give prospective applicants a reason to want to call your property home.

rental listings

And there’s still no cost for landlords or property managers — no charge to accept applications, no charge to screen applicants, and no charge to collect rent.

With these new features and now full support for mobile devices, it’s easier than ever to manage your properties with Cozy. If you haven’t tried the best property management software around, now’s the time. Sign up in seconds, for free.

Screening Tenants from Your Mobile Phone

Written on October 22, 2015 by Ravi Dehar

You can run credit reports and background/eviction checks on your potential tenants right from your phone! If you run credit reports and background checks regularly, I'd recommend adding a shortcut to make it even easier. Here's how:


  1. From Safari, visit our screening tools page at

  2. Click the share button at the bottom of your screen (it's the box with the arrow pointing out of it). Then click the button to "Add to Home Screen." You'll be prompted to pick a name for the shortcut, and then you'll see a direct link appear on your home screen. That's it!

tenant screening ios


  1. From Chrome, visit our screening tools page at

  2. Click the three dots in the top-right corner, in the address bar. Then click the button to "Add to Home screen." You'll be prompted to pick a name for the shortcut, and then you'll see the Cozy logo appear on your home screen.

tenant screening android

Next time you need to run a credit report or background check and you aren't in front of your computer, just click the Cozy icon, and you'll be just a few taps away from requesting the reports you need. Once your prospective tenant verifies their identity, you'll receive copies of our mobile-friendly tenant screening reports.

mobile tenant screening

As always, Cozy tenant credit reports or background and eviction checks are completely free for landlords and property managers, and just $19.95 each (or $34.95 for both) for rental applicants. Try Cozy tenant screening today!

The Newest Member of Team Cozy: Patricia Iorg

Written on October 05, 2015 by Gino Zahnd

Patricia has joined Team Cozy as our Office Manager and Executive Assistant! She recently moved to Portland after many years at Splunk, leading up to and beyond their IPO. A Jill of all trades with a deep background in Management & Operations, she handles just about everything behind the scenes that keeps Cozy running. If you work with us, you'll work with PJ.

Welcome, PJ!

Patricia Iorg`

New Cozy Payments: Joint and Several Liability

Written on October 01, 2015 by Ravi Dehar

Joint and several liability, as it applies to rental leases, means that each lessee is responsible for the full rent amount, no matter how they choose to divide rent among themselves. In order to create joint and several liability between tenants, it must be established contractually, in a signed lease agreement, or by existing county or state laws.

Let's say there's an apartment with a total rent of $2000, which is split evenly between two roommates. If one roommate pays their share but the other doesn't, they're both still liable for the remaining amount due.

With the improvements to Cozy payments we announced last week, we've started sending individual payments to landlords and property managers, rather than one payment per month. This change allows some extra flexbility. Renters can now make one-time payments, and choose any day of the month to make their rent payment. Soon, residents will also be able to make payments via debit or credit card, and those payments won't be held up by roommates who may choose to pay via bank transfer.

It's important to note that, in these cases, Cozy serves as a payments processor. You still retain complete control over your lease terms, and its enforcement. Whether or not a landlord accepts partial payments has no impact on joint and several liability if it has been established in the lease.

If you aren't using Cozy to collect rent yet, give it a try! It's now the most flexible (and free!) payments system for landlords, property managers, and their tenants.

Problems Collecting Rent with Deposit Slips

Written on September 25, 2015 by Ravi Dehar

A lot of landlords and property managers we’ve talked to over the years still collect their rent payments by providing their tenants with deposit slips so they can deposit the rent every month directly. It’s a surprisingly popular method, but one with a few inherent security flaws.

You’re Exposing Your Bank Account Information

Deposit slips, naturally, include your bank account information — so the money gets deposited in the right account. But that also means your tenants (and others) now have your bank account number and routing number, which is a potential security risk.

You Might Not Be Able to Evict a Problem Tenant

Giving tenants deposit slips means they can make partial payments. While that’s normally not a problem, if you begin the eviction process on a resident, they can potentially delay it by paying even a dollar. (Of course, you can also hedge your bets against a problem tenant by using Cozy to screen tenants!)

How You Should Collect Rent Instead

Collecting rent online is your most secure option. Cozy, even though it’s free, maintains bank-level security and 128-bit encryption. Your residents will never see or have access to your bank account details, and you can stop a partial payment at any time. If you haven’t yet, give Cozy’s free tenant screening and online rent collection a try. It won’t cost you anything, and signing up takes just a minute.

Introducing New Payments and Lease Management

Written on September 22, 2015 by Chris Rivard

Today we released a major update to payments and lease management. Incorporating feedback from our customer advisory board and working closely with the customer experience team here at Cozy, we set out to update the experience of Cozy for landlords to make it more flexible to collect payments and to greatly improve control over all details of the lease term.

Here's a quick, two-minute walk-through of the new payments ledger:

View the New Cozy Payments Walk-Through on Vimeo

We're excited to finally release these updates to our customers and, as always, we welcome your comments and feedback. Here is what you'll find in the latest release of Cozy for landlords:

Flexible Payment Dates

Rent can now be paid on any day of the month, instead of just the first five days. Tenants may want to adjust their rent payment date to be sure they're always on time, regardless of bank holidays.

One-time payments

One-time Charges and Payments

Landlords or property managers can now request one-time payments through Cozy, for things like utility bills or late fees. Tenants can also submit one-time payments directly to their landlords.

One-time payments

Each Tenant Pays Separately

In the past, payments didn't process until all tenants were set up and ready to make a payment. Going forward, each tenant's payment will process as soon as it's ready, so landlords will receive one payment per tenant rather than per unit.

Ability to Update Lease Terms in Cozy

Landlords can now change their rent due date, update lease dates, and end their leases all from within their account.

Over the the next two months, we'll be continuing to release the updated landlord experience with a better property creation experience and improved applicant management features. Before the year is out, we'll expand payment options to include credit and debit cards. Stay tuned for a preview of those upcoming features.

If you haven't signed up to collect rent — and now utilities, late fees, and much more — with Cozy, for free, there's never been a better time to start.

The Newest Member of Team Cozy: Jessica Engel

Written on September 17, 2015 by Gino Zahnd

We'd like to welcome Jessica Engel to Team Cozy, and more specifically our Engineering team. Jessica joins us from SBI, where she was a development intern.

Her focus at Cozy will start in our Customer Support and internal tools crew. So, when you need help with support tickets, it's likely she'll be the person behind the curtain helping to make things right.

Welcome, Jessica!

Jessica Engel`

Better Free Online Rent Payments, Now with Late Fees & Utility Payments

Written on September 14, 2015 by Chris Rivard

Early next week we’re rolling out improvements to payments in Cozy. As we mentioned in our June blog post, we’ve been hard at work updating the underlying foundation of our payments platform and based on research and feedback from customers participating in our advisory board, we’re rolling out a host of new features for Cozy Payments.

Landlords and property managers have been awaiting these updates for quite some time. Thank you for your patience!

Features and improvements that will be available next week:

  • Landlords can now update all details of their leases, as well as terminate them.
  • Support for multiple deposit accounts.
  • Redesigned lease summary view to clearly view lease details.

Edit Lease Dates

One-time Charges

As a landlord or property manager, you can now request a payment at any time during the lease term by creating a single-time charge on the ledger. This makes managing charges to your tenant simple and easy. If you need to request payment for a repair or a utility bill, you can now do that. Payments, charges and balances will be visible in the redesigned payment ledger.

One Time Charges

  • Landlords can add a charge to their tenant’s lease.
  • Tenants will receive an email notification that a charge has been requested.
  • After the payment has been made, the landlord’s ledger will reflect the payment and current balance.

Redesigned Ledger

The redesigned ledger provides a comprehensive view and current snapshot of all transactions that have occurred within a lease term. The addition of one-time payments expands the possibilities that transactions will occur at any time during the lease - these transactions will be captured in the new payments ledger. The Cozy ledger will maintain a balance of the financials including rent payments and one-time payments. Landlords and tenants will now see both charges and payments in the new Cozy ledger.

Redesigned Ledger

As we move quickly toward the end of 2015, we’ll continue to fine-tune Cozy for Landlords and build all features to be mobile-friendly.

If you haven't already, collect rent online for free with Cozy.