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We make renting simple, secure, and intuitive for landlords and renters.

Renting has been fragmented, unsecure, and unnecessarily complex—even though it affects nearly everyone at some point in their lives. By providing simple, powerful tools for landlords and renters, Cozy is changing the way renting works.
About Cozy
About Cozy working at Cozy

Who are we?

We’re a group of hard-working individuals bringing integrity to the rental process. We’re proud to be solving some of the big, meaningful problems that affect a human necessity—home.
Cozy was founded March 2012, and we’re headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

Our values

Our values give us a sense of purpose and help us work toward our common goals. They inspire us to be better, individually and collectively.

Let curiosity lead the way

Investigate things you don’t know or understand, and have the courage to question and challenge assumptions. Reject the status quo by asking how something could be better, and dig deeper to find real solutions.

Take ownership

Everyone, regardless of title, seniority, or role, is individually responsible for the success of Cozy. Don’t settle for just doing your job. Lean into your work, and constantly seek ways to improve the company. Take pride in your successes, and learn from failures.

Think big and start small

We reach our long-term goals by taking small steps in the right direction. Focus on the most fundamental problems, and approach them with simple, useful solutions that can be iterated and built upon.

Build trust

Build trust by communicating frequently, honestly and directly, and by exceeding others’ expectations in what you deliver.

Cultivate belonging

Help create environments where everyone feels included. Making a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse company is good for business and people.

Help others succeed

Be generous with your time, knowledge, encouragement, praise, and whatever resources you have to share. Uplift others and ask for nothing in return.

About Cozy the Cozy office Portland
About Cozy working at Cozy
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We’re a group of curious, generous, and passionate people. We work hard and treat each other well.

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