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Cozy has moved to

For the past 2 years, the team at Cozy has been working hard to build the next generation of free online rental management tools on If you manage residential rentals, join us on

Most Cozy accounts have moved to  Learn more

Common Questions

I don’t manage an apartment. Is right for me? can be used to list and rent any type of residential property including single family homes, condos, apartments, and townhomes. We don’t support listing or renting rooms, commercial properties, and other non-residential units.

My account was moved to What’s next?

If your Cozy account was eligible to move to, your data was moved, and we sent you instructions to get set up on Check your email or log into your Cozy account for instructions.

My account wasn’t moved. What can I still access?

If you were not eligible to be moved, your previous Cozy rentals are no longer active, and you can no longer manage rentals on Cozy. You can still access some limited data by logging into your Cozy account. Learn More

I need help with something else. What can I do?

If you had a Cozy account and you need help finding something that you no longer have access to in your Cozy account, our support team may be able to assist you. Email us at You can also check out our Help Center for more FAQs.